What’s in a name?

You may have noticed that our name is a little unusual. “Is it one of those words companies make up because they can’t find an available domain name?”

Nope. We chose it strategically (strategically communicating is what we do).

Katartizo is inspired by a similar Greek word that speaks of equipping, preparing, restoring, mending, and — our favorite — making something what it should be.

Isn’t that the point of marketing and public relations, after all? We firmly believe in the ability of quality marketing and public relations to lift a company and make it what it should be.

We accomplish this in a variety of ways. For small businesses, we can help you establish a website and a social media presence, and we can teach you how to manage everything. For larger organizations, we can evaluate your website and social media use, make recommendations for how to take advantage of the available resources and leverage your online presence, and manage everything for you. And, we can help you conduct market research to truly understand what your constituents want and what they think of you. Then, we can help you craft campaigns that speak to the points that arise during research — which will help you connect with your people.

Ultimately, that’s what marketing and public relations come down to — connecting and communicating with the people who matter to your business or organization. Let us help you.